Table 4.

The effect of FrdMO and DprMO on organizer markers

Gene expression (%)
GeneExperimental groupsDose/embryon*UnchangedWeaklyStrongly
chordin Control MO16 ng679190
chordin FrdMO16 ng3426686
chordin DprMO8 ng30335710
chordin βcatMO16 ng4053065
chordin FrdMO+DprMO8 ng+4 ng7333661
chordin FrdMO+DprMO+Frodo8 ng+4 ng+1 ng55293635
chordin FrdMO+DprMO+βcat8 ng+4 ng+10 pg65*461717
Xnr3 Control MO16 ng379280
Xnr3 FrdMO16 ng3871263
Xnr3 DprMO8 ng3781163
Xnr3 βcatMO16 ng4052570
Xnr3 FrdMO+DprMO8 ng+4 ng48274231
Xnr3 FrdMO+DprMO+Frodo8 ng+4 ng+1 ng53473815
Xnr3 FrdMO+DprMO+βcat8 ng+4 ng+10 pg656098
gsc Control MO16 ng4988120
gsc FrdMO16 ng2277230
gsc DprMO8 ng2085105
gsc βcatMO16 ng30102070
gsc FrdMO+DprMO8 ng+4 ng5662137
  • Four-cell stage embryos were injected in the dorsal equatorial region of two blastomeres with the indicated morpholinos and mRNAs, cultured until stage 10.5 and subjected to whole-mount in situ hybridization with antisense probes for the organizer markers chordin, Xnr3 and gsc.

    Data were obtained from three experiments.

  • * Number of embryos scored

  • Expanded expression of chordin and Xnr3 has been observed in 20% and 23% of injected embryos, respectively

  • Slightly expanded gsc expression has been observed in 18% of injected embryos