Table 1.

A selective list of genes that are highly expressed in human ES cells relative to other cells types

Class of moleculeNameNature/functionES cell specific*Expressed in mouse ES cells
Transcription factor
POU5F1 Pluripotency++
NANOG Pluripotency++
SOX2 Pluripotency-+
FOXD3 Pluripotency++
UTF1 Transcriptional co-regulator++
REX1 ?++
SRY Sex determination--
DNA modifying
TERF1 Telomerase-+
CHK2 Cell cycle checkpoint-+
DNMT3 DNA methyltransferase-+
Surface marker
GJA1 Gap junction protein-+
CD24 Red cell, B cell development-?
GCM1 CD34-related glycoprotein/podocyte development-?
Growth/differentiation factor
LEFTB Axis determination-+
CER1 BMP antagonist-?
GDF3 TGF superfamily member, unknown function++
FGF2 Mitogen--
GAL Neuropeptide-+
TDGF1 Co-receptor for nodal++
ACVR2B Activin/BMP receptor-+
CRABP1 Retinoic acid binding-
FZD5 WNT receptor-?
FZD7 WNT receptor-?
FGFR1 FGF receptor--
FGFR2 FGF receptor--
BMPR1A BMP receptor-+
STELLA Maternal lethal++
FLJ10713 ?++