Table 3.

Expression of neural markers by donor cells

Cell type implantedLIM1/2 in SCMnr2 in VSCIsl1 in VSCBrn3a in DRGIsl1 in DRG
RA-treated cells39.3±10.273.6±23.580±26.400
RA-untreated cells42.8±10.915.4±6.443.9±36.836.7±18.621.1±4.7
  • Analysis performed on sections from embryos implanted with RA-treated or RA-untreated cells, collected from five independent experiments. Results show percentage±s.e.m. of GFP+ cells that expressed Lim1/2 throughout the spinal cord (SC), Mnr2 or Isl1 in the ventral spinal cord (VSC), and Brn3a or Isl1 in the DRG.