Table 1.

Homology relationships between zebrafish and human MAGI proteins, as reflected in the percentage amino-acid sequence identity for PDZ domain 4

zf MAGI1 PDZ4 (ENSDARG00000003169)zf MAGI2A PDZ4 (ENSDARG00000010164)zf MAGI2B PDZ4 (ENSDARG00000018908)zf MAGI3 PDZ4 (ENSDARG00000004394)
Hs MAGI1 PDZ4 (BAIAP1)99666761
Hs MAGI2 PDZ4 (AIP1)61848663
Hs MAGI3 PDZ456676378
  • These data are from BLAST alignment of human MAGI sequences with transcribed sequences from the Ensembl zebrafish database. The ENSDARG numbers are Ensembl gene ID numbers.