Table 2.

Effect of morpholino injections on midbrain and hindbrain structure, scored at 24 hpf

Phenotype (%):Embryos scored n
Embryo genotypeInjected reagent:SevereMildWT
Wild typeuninjected139699
Wild type5 ng MO[dlD-V]52301898
Wild type5 ng MO[MAGI1]17384553
Wild type10 ng MO[MAGI1]5339849
Wild type5 ng mis-match MO369135
aeiAR33 uninjected61481101
aeiAR33 5 ng MO[dlD-V]33511667
  • WT, brain ventricles very similar to uninjected.

    Mild, brain ventricles have formed but are misshapen and reduced in size.

    Severe, ventricles absent or severely reduced in size and severely misshapen.