Table 1.

The WUS gene family

Gene nameAccession no.Similarity*cDNAaa
WUS (Mayer et al., 1998)292
WOX1 AY25139467 (87)This study349
WOX2 AY25139266 (81)This study260
PRS AY25139768 (82)(Matsumoto et al., 2001)244
WOX4 AY25139666 (78)This study251
WOX5 AY25139866 (78)This study182
WOX6 AY25139964 (81)This study295
WOX7 -63 (77)n.a.122
WOX8 AY25140045 (69)This study325
WOX9 AY25140144 (71)This study378
WOX10 -43 (69)n.a.197
WOX11 AY25140263 (64)This study268
WOX12 AY25140340 (62)This study268
WOX13 AY25140440 (67)This study268
WOX14 -38 (64)This study195
  • * Percentage of identical and similar (in parentheses) amino acid residues between the predicted homeodomains of WUS and WOX proteins.