Table 2.

wox2 mutations result in defective embryo development

Genotype Embryo phenotypes
wox2-1 -/- None58728933
wox2-1 -/- WOX2 +/+ 135220.1
wox2-2 -/- None2956417.8
  • The phenotypes of embryos up to the early globular stage from selfed wox2 plants were scored as `normal' if indistinguishable from Arabidopsis wild type and `abnormal' if cell division patterns in the apical embryo cell lineage were different from wild type. wox2-1 WOX2+/+ were homozygously mutant for the genomic WOX2 gene, but carried the 9.7 kb long WOX2 containing transgene in a homozygous situation.