Table 1.

Stage of Mili-deficient mouse testis cells

GenotypeSGMLZEPMPLP to DPDA to MISCMIIESLSSZSTotal cell numbers
Mili +/−
Mili −/−
  • Percentages of the cells in each stage and the numbers of the counted testis cells are shown. Nuclei were categorized into spermatogonium (SG) and spermatogonium at metaphase (M), primary spermatocytes at leptotene (L), zygotene (Z), early pachytene (EP), midpachytene (MP), late pachytene to diplotene (LP to DP) and diakinesis to metaphase I (DA to MI), secondary spermatocyte (SC) and secondary spermatocyte at metaphase (MII), early spermatid (ES), late spermatid (LS) and spermatozoon (SZ), and sertoli cell (S).