Table 2.

A non-exhaustive list of developmental processes that are regulated by Notch signaling in different species

C. elegansD. melanogasterVertebrates
Regulation of early blastomere specificationInhibition of neurogenesisInhibition of neurogenesis
Regulation of AC/VU decisionRegulation of gliogenesis, neural lineage fatesRegulation of fate choices in the inner ear
Regulation of vulval precursor fatesInhibition of wing venationInhibition of non-neural ectodermal derivates
Induction of left-right asymmetryInhibition of myogenesis, cardiogenesis(Xenopus ciliated cells, chick feather buds)
Induction of germline proliferationInhibition of midgut precursorsInhibition of myogenesis, cardiogenesis
Induction of mesectodermInduction of left-right asymmetry
Induction of wing marginRegulation of limb bud development
Induction of leg segmentsRegulation of somitogenesis
Induction of dorsoventral eye polarityRegulation of lymphopoiesis
Induction of cone cells in the eyeRegulation of vascular development
Regulation of hematopoiesisRegulation of kidney development
  • This is only a sampling of the spectrum of Notch functions; new examples continue to be discovered.