Table 1.

Identification of Pax2-dependent genes expressed in the mid-hindbrain region

Genotype comparison Time course
4s6s6s6s0-2s vs 8-9s
GeneESTFunction+/+ vs —/—+/— vs —/—+/+ vs —/—+/+ vs —/—+/+
Pax5 BB219629TF2.
En2 AI844870TF2.
Brn1 AI853528TF1.
Sef AI428510Signaling1.
Tapp1 AI849556Signaling1.
Ncrms AI853140Non-coding0.
  • The Pax2-regulated genes identified by microarray screening are shown together with their EST Accession Number, known function and expression ratio as determined by microarray hybridization. Control and Pax2 mutant genotypes were compared with each other in independent microarray experiments with Cy3- and Cy5-labeled cDNA probes that were prepared from sorted GFP+ mid-hindbrain cells of individual four-somite (4s)- or six-somite (6s) stage embryos. Pooled RNA of two or three control (Pax2+/+ or Pax2+/—) embryos was used to analyze the increase of gene expression between the 0- to two-somite (0-2s) and eight- to nine-somite (8-9s) stage. All expression data are presented as control/mutant or late/early ratios of the normalized fluorescence values determined by microarray hybridization. Fgf8 could not be identified as a Pax2-regulated gene in these screens because of the absence of Fgf8 cDNA on the microarrays used. TF, transcription factor.