Table 2.

Differentially expressed genes initially identified by comparing wild-type and HoxDDel1-13 E12.5 genital buds

Gene symbolAffymetrix probe set IDFold change (FC) microarrayn/91° sample FC by RT-PCR2° sample FC by RT-PCR at E12.5Most significant FC in limbs by RT-PCR
Genes with lower expression in HoxDDel1-13 -mutant genitals:
Gfra2 92449_at2.26±1.9971.592.08±0.29**1.63±0.23 at E14.5**
Sgk 97890_at1.83±0.26**91.66±0.36**1.54±0.17**2.36±0.18 at E11.5**
Gene with higher expression in HoxDDel1-13 -mutant genitals:
Hoxa11 104021_at2.16±0.64**92.072.22±0.41**1.34±0.18 at E11.5*
  • All values are the means of three replicates ±s.d.

    *P-value for paired Student's t-test<0.05; **P-value<0.01. **P-value<0.01.

    n/9, RT-PCR, 1°, 2° samples as in Table 1.

  • Only one comparison possible (original material limiting).