Table 1.

Cell number in the brain of Pkbγwild-type and mutant mice

Newborns One month old
Body weight (g)1.21±0.231.31±0.14 (107%)14.1±2.513.0±2.3 (92%)
Brain weight (g)0.071±0.0010.069±0.006 (98%)0.41±0.030.32±0.03 (78%)*
Brain/body weight ratio0.059±0.0110.054±0.008 (90%)0.030±0.0040.025±0.003 (85%)*
DNA/brain (mg)0.59±0.040.56±0.12 (96%)1.38±0.031.29±0.07 (93%)*
DNA/g of tissue (mg)8.53±1.648.11±1.29 (95%)3.38±0.204.04±0.47 (119%)*
  • The cell number in whole brains of Pkbγ+/+ and Pkbγ−/− mice was determined in newborns and 1-month-old animals. Brain weight, brain/body weight and DNA content (parameter of cell number) per brain were significantly reduced in Pkbγ−/− mice at 1 month, but not in newborns. The DNA content per gram of tissue, a parameter of cell density, was significantly increased in Pkbγ mutant mice at 1 month, but not in newborns (*P<0.05).