Table 1.

Glucose level determination in the offspring of Arx+/− Pax4+/−::Pax4+/− crossed animals

GenotypeP24h (mg/dl)P48h (mg/dl)PSBD (mg/dl)Life expectancy
Wild type89±1181±1785±12Normal
Arx +/− 87±872±1078±17Normal
Pax4 +/− 84±1586±1491±16Normal
Arx 82±745±18*<10*P1-P2
Pax4 −/− 80±17126±26*242±18*P1-P2
Arx +/− Pax4 +/− 86±1288±1784±13Normal
Arx Pax4 +/− 79±1459±1911±5*P8-P12
Arx +/− Pax4 −/− 81±11134±17*201±32*P1-P2
Arx Pax4 −/− 89±18152±23*289±29*P1-P2
  • P24h, 24 hours after birth; P48h, 48 hours after birth; PSBD, shortly before death.

    Values indicate means±s.e.m. (n>7).

  • * Statistically significant differences between glucose levels compared with wild-type animals. Student's t-test (P<0.01).