Table 1.

Genetic interaction of Pbx1 and Hox11 in vivo during spleen organogenesis

Spleen phenotypePbx1−/−; Hox11 wild typePbx1 wild type; Hox11−/−Pbx1 wild type; Hox11 wild typePbx1+/−; Hox11 wild typePbx1 wild type; Hox11+/−Pbx1+/−; Hox11+/−
Spleen malformations4%9%6%80%
IndentationsIndentationsIndentationsSickle form, indentations, tubercles, nodules, protuberances, fusion of two spleens
  • Percentage of mice exhibiting the indicated spleen phenotype. Data are from 30-60 mice (6 to 8 weeks old) of each genotype.