Table 1.

Number of NGN3+ and apoptotic cells in pancreata from E16.5 Nkx6 compound mutant embryos and their wild-type littermates

Cell number/section*+/+Nkx6.2−/− (% of wild type)Nkx6.1−/− (% of wild type)Nkx6.1−/− Nkx6.2−/− (% of wild type)
NGN3 positive cells49±5.6949±5.69 (100%)38.8±8.13 (79%)37.4±5.26 (76%)
Apoptotic cells6.9±0.599.0±1.63 (130%)5.4±0.88 (78%)7.0±1.68 (102%)
  • * Pancreatic sections were immunostained with an anti-NGN3, or assayed by TUNEL staining for apoptotic cells. The mean number of NGN3-positive, or TUNEL-positive cells per section was determined by counting stained cells from three pancreata for each data point. The mean±s.e.m. is shown.