Table 1.

dnpc1a is required in ring gland for larval survival

Gal4 driverTissue specificitydnpc1a animals rescue to (% n)*Number of larvae (n)
TubulinUbiquitousAdult (90)120
69BRing gland, brain, embryonic epiderm, imaginal discs, testisAdult (ND)>40
2-286Ring gland, salivary glandsAdult (87)100
Feb36Ring gland (prothoracic gland and corpora allanta), salivary glands, trachea, midgut, malpighian tubules3rd instar and adult (75)60
Aug21Corpora allanta, few neuronsNone>50
ElavPan neuronal, salivary glandsNone>50
48YEmbryonic endodermNone>50
MHCAll musclesNone>50
  • Gal4 drivers were used to target expression of UAS-dnpc1a-yfp to specific tissues/cells in dnpc1a mutants.

    The percentage of rescued (% n) is calculated by dividing the number of rescued animals with total number (n) of the same genotype animals examined.

    ND, not determined.

  • * The survival stage of dnpc1a/dnpc1a; Gal4 driver/UAS-dnpc1a-yfp animals were determined.

  • Male semi-sterile.