Table 1.

The majority of CCFSE-labeled mesothelial cells and their descendants co-label for β-Gal

CCFSE surface Submesothelial
0 days in cultureTotalβ-Gal+β-GalTotal
Number of cells1029840
Average percentage96.1%3.9%
CCFSE surface CCFSE submesothelial
1-2 days in cultureCCFSE (total)Totalβ-Gal+β-GalTotalβ-Gal+β-Gal
Number of cells4883553015413310033
Average percentage88.6%11.4%74.4%25.6%
Average percentage74.5%25.5%
  • At 0 days of culture (A), no CCFSE-labeled cells were detected in the submesothelial space.

  • After 1-2 days of culture (B), of a total of 488 CCFSE-marked cells counted, 133 were found in the submesothelial space (25.5%), and 355 were found in the surface mesothelium (74.5%). Of the 133 CCFSE-marked cells in the submesothelium, 100 cells were found to co-label with β-Gal (β-Gal+, 74.4%) and 33 cells were without β-Gal co-label (β-Gal, 25.6%), whereas of the 355 CCFSE-positive cells in the serosal mesothelium, 301 cells were found to co-label with β-Gal (88.6%). Cell numbers were collected from five sections (0 days in culture), and 14 sections (1-2 days in culture), and average percentages calculated.