Table 2.

The majority of vascular smooth muscle cells of the gut and the heart are positive for β-Gal

SMA+ cells Pecam+ cells
Adult gutTotalβ-Gal+β-GalTotalβ-Gal+β-Gal
Number of cells39228510725917242
Average percentage77.7%22.3%6.8%93.2%
Adult heartTotalβ-Gal+β-GalTotalβ-Gal+β-Gal
Number of cells21119219791366
Average percentage92.1%7.9%14%86%
  • Cell numbers were collected from 18 (SMA) and 17 (Pecam) sections (gut), and eight (SMA) and five (Pecam) sections (heart), and average percentages calculated.