Table 1.

Zygotic function of ceh-16

Genotype of P0Percentage of dead embryos in the F1Percentage of L1/F1 with ceh-16 phenotypen (P0)
ceh-16(lg16)/+22 (n=601)020
ceh-16(lg17)/+23 (n=589)018
[ceh-16(lg16)/+]X[ceh-16(lg17)/+] 22 (n=622)022
ceh-16(RNAi) * 70 (n=437)3020
N2 (wild type)0 (n=428)019
  • Both alleles are recessive lethal. Escapers of ceh-16(lg16) and ceh-16(lg17) that do not die in the egg shell become amorphous short L1 larvae and do not further develop.

  • * 20 injected animals

  • See Figs 2, 4 and 5 for a description