Table 1.

smo-1 and ubc-9 inhibit vulval cell fates and interact with lin-1

Wild typeNA0306
smo-1 (ok359) § NA994
smo-1(ok359); lin-1(n1790gf)**NA82120
smo-1(ok359); mek-2(n2678) †† NA17299
Wild typeControl03233
Wild type smo-1 9617
mek-2(n2678) ‡‡ Control0237
mek-2(n2678) ‡‡ smo-1 2055
mpk-1(n2521) §§ Control0676
mpk-1(n2521) §§ smo-1 5558
smg-1(r861); lin-1(e1275) ¶¶ Control23143
smg-1(r861); lin-1(e1275) ¶¶ smo-1 78404
lin-1(n1790gf) smo-1 51376
Wild type ubc-9 0.4976
smg-1(r861); lin-1(e1275) ¶¶ ubc-9 12457
lin-1(n1790gf) ubc-9 27971
  • NA, not applicable.

  • * L4 hermaphrodites were fed HT115(DE3) E. coli transformed with a control plasmid or a plasmid that expresses double-stranded RNA from the indicated gene. Progeny laid on the first and second day of culture on the RNAi bacteria were scored for the Muv phenotype.

  • Adult hermaphrodites were scored as multivulval (Muv) if they displayed one or more ventral protrusions displaced from the site of the vulva when examined using a dissecting microscope.

  • n, number of hermaphrodites examined.

  • § smo-1(ok359) homozygous hermaphrodites were sterile, protruding vulva (Pvl), non-blister (non-Bli), non-egg laying defective (non-Egl) self-progeny of smo-1(ok359)/bli-3(e767) egl-30(n686) hermaphrodites.

  • Complete genotype: smo-1(ok359)/bli-3(e767) egl-30(n686); lin-1(n1790).

  • ** These hermaphrodites were sterile, Pvl, non-Bli, non-Egl self-progeny of smo-1 (ok359)/bli-3(e767) egl-30(n686); lin-1(n1790) hermaphrodites.

  • †† These hermaphrodites were sterile, non-GFP positive self-progeny of smo-1 (ok359)mek-2(n2678)/hT2g hermaphrodites.

  • ‡‡ mek-2(n2678) homozygous hermaphrodites were sterile, non-GFP-positive self-progeny of mek-2(n2678)/hT2g hermaphrodites.

  • §§ Complete genotype: mpk-1(n2521) unc-79(e1068).

  • ¶¶ Complete genotype: smg-1(r861) unc-54(r293); lin-1(e1275).