Table 2.

mep-1 inhibits vulval cell fates and interacts with lin-1

GenotypeRNAi*% Muvn
Wild typeControl02775
Wild type mep-1 61350
smg-1(r861); lin-1 (e1275) Control22762
smg-1(r861); lin-1 (e1275) mep-1 141742
lin-1(n1790gf) Control61311
lin-1(n1790gf) mep-1 23254
mek-2(n2678) Control0237
mek-2(n2678) mep-1 15225
  • * L4 hermaphrodites were fed HT115(DE3) E. coli transformed with a control plasmid or a plasmid that expresses double-stranded RNA from mep-1. Progeny laid on the first and second day of culture on the RNAi bacteria were scored for the Muv phenotype.

  • Complete genotype: smg-1(r861) unc-54(r293); lin-1(e1275).

  • mek-2(n2678) homozygous hermaphrodites were sterile, non-GFP-positive self-progeny of mek-2(2678)/hT2g hermaphrodites.