Table 1.

Phenotypic analysis of reconstituted spleens

DonorRecipientTotal number of cells per recipient spleen (× 106)Total nucleated HB+ erythroblasts per recipient spleen (× 106)Total nucleated HB erythroblasts per recipient spleen (× 106)Total CFU-Es per recipient spleen (× 103)
Wild type (n=2)Wild type (n=4)70±2351±2211.5±6511±57
TRα0/0 (n=2)Wild type (n=4)38.8±8.7*27±910.2±2.3415±72
Wild type (n=2)TRα0/0 (n=2)91 (70; 104)53 (47; 81)14.8 (14; 15.6)595 (670; 520)
  • The total number of spleen cells of recipient mice was determined by counting Trypan Blue-excluding cells. Total numbers of hemoglobin-negative (HB) and hemoglobin-positive (HB+) nucleated erythroblasts per spleen were calculated after determining the frequencies of these cells by counting up to 300 cells on cytospin in randomly selected fields of the slide. Total numbers of CFU-Es were determined by multiplying the frequency of CFU-Es assessed in the in vitro colony assay by the spleen cellularity. Data represent mean±s.d. except for the graft of wild type into TRα0/0 recipient mice, where only the mean is given, with the two individual values in parenthesis. (*P<0.05; P=0.05 in comparison with wild-type recipient grafted with wild-type donor cells). Data for each grafting combination were collected from two independent experiments.