Table 1.

Rates of intercalation in hab and wild-type embryos

Genotype*Number of cells (number of embryos)Intercalation eventsDe-intercalation eventsRate§ of intercalationRate of De-intercalation
hab −/− 435 (3)413537.7/100 h1/232.2/100 h1/2
ZMD hab−/+326 (3)27833.1/100 h1/29.8/100 h1/2
Wild-type321 (3)29036.1/100 h1/2<0.6/100 h1/2
  • * All embryos are siblings from a single cross, habdtv43/+ × habdtv43/+.

  • Total number of cells at the beginning of the recording.

  • Events measured over a 15 minute interval at approximately 75% epiboly stage.

  • § Rates calculated as events per 100 cells per hour; The s.e.m. is∼± 6/100 h1/2.