Table 1.

Comparison of the movement speed, rate of radial cell intercalations and layering of germ layers in ectodermal and mesendodermal cells within the shield between wild-type and e-cadherin morphant embryos at early (6.0-7.5 hpf) and mid-gastrulation (7.5-8.5 hpf) stages

Wild typee-cadherin MO
Total speed*Ectoderm1.20±0.30 (6.0-8.5 hpf)1.09±0.20§ (6.0-7.5 hpf)
0.90±0.20§ (7.5-8.5 hpf)
Mesendoderm1.50±0.30 (6.0-8.5 hpf)1.48±0.30 (6.0-7.5 hpf)
1±0.2§ (7.5-8.5 hpf)
Rate of radial cell intercalations†Ectoderm1.90±0.391.48±0.57§
Layering of germ layers‡Ectoderm4-5 to 3-24-5 to 3
Mesendoderm5 to 2-15 to 3-4
  • * Movement speeds were calculated for the total movement of cells within the germ ring in μm/minute.

  • Rate of radial cell intercalations was determined as the number of intercalation/cell/hour before a cell has reached the upper-most position within the epiblast (border epiblast/EVL) or hypoblast (border hypoblast/epiblast) measured from the onset of gastrulation (6 hpf) + 2.5 hours.

  • Layering of germ layers was determined as the number of cell layers within one germ layer at the onset of gastrulation (6 hpf) and at mid-gastrulation (8 hpf).

  • § Difference between wild-type and morphant cells is significant (P<0.05).