Table 1.

Results of target validation

ORFGeneTarget scorePromoter size (kb)Wild-type expression patternpal-1 (RNAi)mex-3 (RNAi)Target
C28C12.7 spp-10 71.7C lineageNEEEYes
F01F1.670.3No expressionNDNDNo
R02D3.170.8C lineageNEEEYes
K10B4.6 cwn-1 61.9Posterior C lineageNEEEYes
B0304.1 hlh-1 63.0MuscleNPEEEYes
C09D4.250.8C lineageNEEEYes
C46H11.252.1C epidermisNEEEYes
T22B7.351.8C epidermis then more epidermisNEEEYes
ZK1307.151.1C epidermisNEEEYes
C55C2.146.1C and D muscle (left side)NEEEYes
F20D1.440.4No expressionNENENo
F45E4.2 plp-1 41.1No expressionNENENo
F23H12.4 sqt-3 42.0C epidermis then more epidermisEEEEMaybe
ZK829.440.6No expressionNENENo
T07C4.6 tbx-9 33.8C and AB epidermis, MSNPEEEYes
C38D4.6 pal-1 31.4C and D lineageNEEEYes
D1081.2 unc-120 35.0MuscleNPEEEYes
F35D2.335.0Many cellsNDNDNo
C32F10.5 hmg-3 35.0No expressionNENENo
C44C10.8 hnd-1 31.5Muscle*NPEEEYes
Y75B8A.2 nob-1 34.9Posterior epidermis and posterior ELEEEYes
C32E8.8 ptr-2 33.0Too dim to scoreEEEENo
T07C4.2 tbx-8 23.8C and AB epidermis, MSNPEEEYes
ZK270.1 ptr-23 25.0C epidermis then all epidermisEENDNo
F35G12.6 mab-21 24.7C and AB epidermisNPEEEYes
W09C2.1 elt-1 1NAEpidermisUnkUnkProbably
M142.4 vab-7 113.8Posterior C lineageNEEEYes
F57A10.5 nhr-60 12.0EpidermisNDEEMaybe
F11C1.6 nhr-25 15.0EpidermisNPENDYes
F18A1.2 lin-26 10.8C epidermis then all epidermisNDNDNo
F45E4.9 hmg-5 10.3Late epidermisNDNDNo
K02B9.4 elt-3 14.9Non-seam epidermisLEEEYes
C13G5.1 ceh-16 14.1No expressionNDNDNo
C30G4.3 gcy-11 13.2No expressionNENENo
C25G6.514.4Too dim to scoreEENDNo
W03D2.5 wrt-5 10.8No expressionNDNDNo
Y71F9AL.1710.4Late epidermisNDNDNo
  • Thirty-nine genes were selected from the list of 308 candidate targets for validation by the assay presented in Fig. 4. Genes were selected either because they have high candidate target scores, they are predicted to be involved in transcription or signaling, or they have known developmental phenotypes.

    NE, no expression; NPE, no posterior expression; LE, less expression; EE, ectopic expression; ND, no difference from wild type; Unk, not determined.

    Expression in the C and D lineages was not distinguished. Additional, relatively rare expression may not be reported. Results are for early embryo (∼4 hours) only (i.e. where `No expression' is reported).

  • * Data for hnd-1 expression were obtained with JK3363 (Mathies et al., 2003)

  • We were unable to establish elt-1::yfp reporter lines (consistent with B. Page's rescue experiments) and therefore rely on the published expression pattern (Page et al., 1997)

  • hhr-25 is reported to be expressed in the posterior epidermis but also the endoderm (Asahina et al., 2000); however, we do not see endodermal expression with either the published strain or ours