Table 4.

Effects of reagents on the area of organ culture

Whole metanephroiMesenchymal rudiments
ReagentnArea at day 7 (mean ± s.d.) (mm2)PnArea at day 7 (mean ± s.d.) (mm2)P
Control (without reagents)71.717±0.38161.912±0.200
HIV-TAT peptide51.500±0.2150.1271.838±0.3640.33
JNK inhibitor 161.020±0.325<0.00570.651±0.131<0.001
JNK inhibitor 261.105±0.260<0.00571.078±0.377<0.001
  • n, number of explants measured. P values were analyzed against control by using a t-test. Data from five independent experiments each for whole metanephroi and mesenchyme rudiments are shown.