Table 1.

Velocity analysis of PKD-2::GFP particles

Average velocity (μm/second)0.807±0.0211.260±0.019
CEM: 0.768±0.019 (132)CEM: 1.239±0.021 (476)
RnB: 0.872±0.045 (77)RnB: 1.334±0.042 (135)
Number of particles209611
Average video duration (seconds)4.96±0.315.12±0.22
Average movement distance (μm)3.65±0.215.77±0.20
% particles moving (uninterrupted for more than 5 seconds)30.634.4
% particles moving (uninterrupted for more than 5 μm)16.742.7
  • Average velocities (mean±s.e.m.) reflect the mean rate of each moving particle identified in kymographs. The velocities in CEMs and RnB ray neurons are not significantly different for both the anterograde and retrograde movement. Statistical analysis was performed using nonparametric Mann-Whitney test with two-tailed P-value. A total of 38 CEMs and 24 RnB ray neurons were used for the velocity analysis.