Table 2.

Germ cell formation defects in tud mutant embryos

Mutants*Percentage of embryos with germ cells (number of embryos scored)Average number of germ cells (range of germ cells/embryo; number of embryos counted)
Wild type100 (166)24.2 (18-32; 31)
A3663.6 (132)3.6 (1-10; 30)
A72.4 (211)ND
  • * tud mutant embryos were produced by females transheterozygous for the respective tud mutation and tud deletion (Df(2R)PurP133, see Materials and methods). Wild-type control embryos were from tud+/Df(2R)PurP133 mothers.

  • The number of germ cells was not determined (ND) because very few embryos form germ cells.