Table 1.

Number and size of cells in abaxial integuments of stage 3-VI ovules

Number of cells
Wild type30.5±1.421.5±2.515.0±2.0
mnt 44.4±2.240.6±2.630.8±1.9
P 0.00200.00090.0004
Total length (μm)
Wild type270.8±7.1126.3±4.985.1±7.8
mnt 368.4±18.5193.2±10.1158.3±11.1
P 0.00490.00110.0014
Mean cell length (μm)
Wild type8.9±0.36.1±0.65.8±0.5
mnt 8.2±0.24.8±0.25.2±0.3
P 0.0610.0300.33
Mean cell width (μm)
Wild type4.3±0.3
mnt 4.7±0.2
P 0.30
  • Data represent mean±s.e.m.

    n=4 ovules for wild type, n=8 ovules for mnt.

    For Student's t-tests, H0 wild type≠mnt.