Table 2.

Seed weights in wild-type and mutant plants

Wild type × wild typeWild type × mntmnt × mntmnt × wild typeWild typemntarf2-8Wild typemntarf2-8
Secondary shoots25.0±0.4 μg (n=1280)26.3±0.4 (n=705)36.4±0.6 (n=995)35.4±0.9 (n=1171)
No secondary shoots34.0±0.6 (n=1085)34.8±1.1 (n=978)39.4±0.7 (n=1228, P=0.0002)37.7±0.6 (n=1359)33.4±0.6 (n=1287)37.3±0.5 (n=1135, P=0.0004)39.3±0.7 (n=1192, P=0.0001)28.2±0.2 (n=1506)32.6±0.6 (n=971, P=0.0000)34.1±0.7 (n=1112, P=0.0000)
  • Mean weights represent the mean for five plants per cross within each treatment±s.e.m.

    n=total number of seeds weighted. P represents the P-value obtained from using Student's t-test.

    H0 mnt or arf2-8>wild type.