Table 4.

Regulation of germline proliferation and dauer lifespan

GenotypeNumber of germ cell nuclei in dauer* (n)Dauer lifespan (days)* (n)
(A) daf-2(e1370)35.44±3.85 (25)>15 (100)
(B) daf-2(e1370); aak-2(rr48)96.16±18.06†A (25)8.64±1.77†A (98)
(C) daf-2(e1370); aak-2(ok524)69.96±9.08†A (25)8.18±2.41†A (60)
(D) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it47)109.00±28.42†A (25)>15 (50)
(E) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it57)148.28±30.90†A (25)>15 (60)
(F) daf-7(e1372)33.19±4.07 (26)ND
(G) daf-7(e1372); par-4(it57)160.20±29.99†F (25)ND
(H) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it47); aak-2(rr48)187.53±16.60†D (15)6.97±2.12†B (60)
(I) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it57); aak-1(RNAi)155.95±25.21‡E (20)ND
(J) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it57); aak-2(rr48)213.10±38.87†E (10)5.83±1.64†B (60)
(K) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it57); aak-2(ok524)202.65±24.14†E (17)6.85±1.83†C (59)
(L) daf-2(e1370); par-4(it57); aak-2(ok524); aak-1 (RNAi)215.87±17.65§K (15)ND
  • n, sample size.

    ND, not determined.

  • * , Mean values±s.d.; all strains were ∼ 100% dauer constitutive at 25°C.

  • , Statistical significance using the one-tailed t-test with unequal variance (P≤0.0005), versus row `X'.

  • , As above, but P=0.18.

  • § , As above, but P-0.035.