Table 1.

Mitotic parameters in larval brains from Drosophila lkb1 (dlkb1) mutants

Genotype*# of cellsMetaphases (%)Anaphases (%)Telophases (%)Sym. telo (%)No asters§ (%)Polyploid cells (%)
Oregon R1,09568.016.315.635490.2
315/315 42383.510.96.6688220.2
315/Df 1,12081.313.05.7658122.5
315/7 54779.713.96.4637818.6
  • * Oregon R, wild-type stock used as control; 315/315, dlkb1315/dlkb1315; 315/Df, dlkb1315/Df(3R)urd; 315/7, dlkb1315/dlkb17.

  • The numbers of cells scored refer only to diploid mitotic figures; polyploid cells were recorded but not used for calculation of the frequencies of different types of mitotic figures.

  • Sym. telo, relative frequencies of symmetric telophases.

  • § No asters, diploid cells without asters or with very small asters.