Table 2.

Quantitative analysis of growth, embryo turning and yolk sac vessel remodeling in control and treated embryos

TreatmentnYolk sac (mm2)Turn scoreRemodel score
Untreated control235.23±0.193.78±0.324.13±0.30
Low hematocrit414.06±0.12*1.70±0.15*1.76±0.16*
Low hematocrit+hetastarch195.19±0.282.68±0.323.58±0.30
Acrylamide only54.93±0.413.80±0.494.20±0.49
TEMED only145.93±0.284.00±0.364.64±0.20
Hetastarch only126.05±0.243.50±0.444.25±0.37
  • After 24 hours in roller culture, embryos were individually imaged. The size of the yolk sac is the area of the traced image, and the embryo was assigned a score for degree of turning and degree of remodeling (see Materials and methods). A score of 1 describes an unturned embryo or unremodeled yolk sac, and a score of 5 describes a normally turned embryo and normally remodeled yolk sac.

  • * Significant difference (P<0.05) from control value.