Table 1.

The phenotypes of hai1a mutants, hai1a morphants, and embryos lacking both Hai1a and Hai1b activity are rescued upon (co-)injection of matriptase1a MO

Phenotype (n)
hai1a genotype of parentsMO injectionWThai1 normalhai1 strongLysedn (total)% WT# exps
+/− matriptase1a 25230025598.82
−/− matriptase1a 1530001531002
+/+ hai1a 866007410.81
+/+hai1a + matriptase1a16760017396.51
−/− hai1b 00634110402
−/−hai1a + matriptase1a5648452217132.72
  • Compare results of table with those shown in Fig. 7. Phenotypes were evaluated at 24 hpf, based on skin morphology, n, number of embryos; % WT, percentage of embryos with wild-type phenotype; # exps, number of evaluated experiments.