Table 2.

Dominant marker genes for Drosophila transgenesis

Dominant marker*Screening/selection (compound)Mutant line required
white ScreeningYes
yellow ScreeningYes
rosy ScreeningYes
rough ScreeningYes
vermillion ScreeningYes
3xP3 `fluorescent protein'ScreeningNo
hs-neo Selection (G418)No
hs-opd Selection (paraoxon)No
Resistant to dieldrin (Rdl)Selection (dieldrin)No
Alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh)Selection (ethanol)Yes
  • * white, rosy, rough and vermillion are eye color markers, whereas yellow is a body color marker. hs-neo encodes a heat shock-inducible neomycin-selectable marker (Steller and Pirrotta, 1985), hs-opd encodes a heat shock-inducible insecticide-degrading enzyme (Benedict et al., 1995), Resistant to dieldrin (Rdl) encodes the GABA-A receptor (Stilwell et al., 1995) and Alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) encodes an enzyme involved in ethanol catabolism (Goldberg et al., 1983).