Table 2.

Floral organ numbers in mab4/enp flowers

Floral organ numbersTotal number of flowers
Genotype (ecotype)SepalPetalStamenCarpel
mab4-1 (Col)3.77±0.584.01±0.494.00±0.731.84±0.3690
mab4-2 (Col)3.52±0.733.98±0.504.00±0.771.78±0.4295
enp (Ler>3.79±0.413.98±0.134.38±0.642.0061
  • #7-2 is a mab4-1 plant transformed with the MAB4 genome fragment. Data are means derived from analyses of at least five individuals of each genotype. Standard deviations are indicated. In the case of fusion in the same whorl, fused floral organs are counted as one floral organ. In the case of fusion between different whorls, fused organs are counted as if they are separated.