Table 1.

Within-leaf sector sizes

Sector widthDeduced M-L cell #Cell layers traversedDeduced Ad-Ab cell #Range of sector lengths% Full-length sectorsDeduced P-D cell #Number of sectors scored
1/66311/3 to full891-318
1/66221/2 to full801-25
1/66131/4 to 1/202-44
1/88311/4 to full251-44
1/88221/6 to full211-614
1/88131/8 to 1/202-810
1/1212311/4 to full501-48
1/1212221/16 to full91-1611
1/1212131/16 to 1/202-1616
1/1616311/6 to full251-64
1/1616221/8 to 1/303-828
1/1616131/16 to 1/202-1668
  • Sector number, width (proportion of circumference), depth (number of epidermal and mesophyll layers encompassed) and length are shown. Where sector lengths varied in any particular width or depth class, the proportion of those that were full length is indicated. From these measurements, the cell numbers (#) present at the time of irradiation were deduced for all three axes (M-L, Ad-Ab and P-D).