Table 1.

Ectopic expression of SoxN and Tcf in embryos or imaginal discs affects viability

Driver line
× arm-Gal4× E22C-Gal4× dpp-Gal4
TransgeneEmbryonic lethal (%)nEmbryonic lethal (%)nPupal lethal (%)n
UAS-SoxN 32.930177.738129.4321
UAS-Tcf 1.03941.849636.7291
UAS-Tcf;UAS-SoxN 87.637299.6460100.0297
UAS-Tcf DN 100.0345100.0300100.0218
  • arm-Gal4 and E22C-Gal4 drive transgene expression in the embryo: arm-Gal4 is expressed throughout the embryo and E22C-Gal4 is expressed at high levels in the epidermis. dpp-blink-Gal4 drives expression along the anteroposterior boundary in imaginal discs.