Table 2.

Epistasis analysis of SoxN

Mutantarm (%)SoxN (%)Severe arm (%)Wild type (%)nϰ2
arm4/+; SoxNGA1192/+17.417.66.858.28882.21
arm4/+; SoxNNC14/+19.917.57.455.29223.60
MutantTcf (%)SoxN (%)Severe SoxN (%)Wild type (%) n ϰ2
SoxNGA1192/+; Tcf2/+
SoxNNC14/+; Tcf2/+18.618.95.856.710190.43
  • For each SoxN allele: non-balancer F1 female progeny from arm4/FM7 × SoxN/CyO were crossed to the deficiency stock +/Y; Df(2L)Exel7040/CyO; non-balancer F1 progeny from Tcf2/eyD × SoxN/CyO were crossed to each other. All cuticles from F2-progeny, hatched and unhatched, were mounted for examination. F2 phenotypes do not deviate significantly from numbers expected for the hypothesized double-mutant phenotypic class (18.75% for single mutant, 6.25% for double mutant). Significant deviation for 3 degrees of freedom is> 7.815.