Table 3.

Distribution of embryos in the four categories of mutant phenotype in two types of compound mutant embryos at E8.5-9.5 and E10.5

Dkk1+/−;Wnt3+/−E8.5-9.516 (30)27 (51)4 (8)6 (11)53
E10.523 (88)3 (12)0026
Dkk1−/−;Wnt3+/−E8.5-9.50012 (92)1 (8)13
E10.56 (27)6 (27)10 (46)022
  • Data are presented as the number (%) of embryos in each category. Embryos are classified based on the following phenotypes: I, normal (indistinguishable from the wild type); II, reduced forebrain size or discernible decrease in the amount of brain tissue; III, similar to II, plus additional defect of the branchial arches; IV, severe head truncation and/or trunk defects.