Table 1.

Sisyphus (myosin XV) interactors and potential cargoes

GeneDesignationCytological locationPhysical interaction*Biological process
DE-cadherinlshotgun CG372257B15-16YesTransmembrane adhesion molecule; adherens junction component
α-Tubulin CG251284DYesMicrotubule subunit
Katanin 60 CG1022982F6YesMicrotubule binding/severing
Eb1 CG326542C8YesMicrotubule tip binding (+TIP)
milton CG1377727D5-7YesAffects kinesin- and dynein-dependent transport of mitochondria
atypical protein kinase C (aPKC) CG1026151D5-6YesCell polarity/asymmetrical protein localization; zonula adherens assembly
karyopherin α3 CG942385D25YesProtein import into nucleus; regulates heat-shock response
Heat shock protein 26 CG418367B2YesSmall developmentally regulated heat-shock protein
smaug CG526366F1YesRNA/protein binding; RNA localization; translational repression
Nedd4 CG755574D2-3YesUbiquitin protein ligase; regulates endocytosis
cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor (cpsf) CG1011051A4YesmRNA binding
Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling at 16D (Socs16D) CG814616D4YesSuppressor of cytokine signaling; signal transduction
Brahma assisted protein 60kD (Bap60) CG430411E1NTBrahma complex component; chromatin remodeling complex
tango CG1198785C2NoHLH transcription factor
cropped CG766435F1YesTranscription factor
Ribosomal protein L23 (RpL23)CG336159B3NTRibosomal protein (RpL17A)
Ribosomal protein L34a (RpL34a)CG609096F10NTRibosomal protein
-CG1703372B2-C1YesUnknown; RING finger
-CG328102B1NTUnknown; BTB/POZ domain
  • Protein interactors from yeast two-hybrid screen with Sisyphus C-terminal tail fragment.

    NT, not tested.

  • * Yes, physical interaction confirmed in GST pull-down assays (see Fig. 3 and Fig. S2 in the supplementary material).