Table 1.

Genetic analysis of recessive zou mutations

Shrivelled seedNormal seedϰ2 test
zou-2/ZOU+ self1153750.61, P> 10%
zou-3/ZOU+ self1233860.19, P> 10%
zou-4/ZOU+ self1413910.64, P> 10%
zou-2/zou-2 self1000
zou-2/zou-2 ♀ × ZOU+/ZOU+4131
zou-2/zou-2 ♂ × ZOU+/ZOU+0151
zou-2/zou-2 ZOU::ZOU-GFP/- self2045075.2, P> 1%
  • The shrivelled seed phenotype was fully penetrant in progeny of selfed zou2/zou2 parents. When the ZOU::ZOU-GFP transgene was introduced into the zou2 background, the seed shrivelling was complemented in 15 out of 32 primary transformants (plants which had more than 50% normal seeds). Analysis of the progeny of one T1 complementing plant hemizygous for a single locus transgene insert shows slightly fewer normal seeds than the 75% expected if the transgene complements in dominant fashion (ϰ2 test for 3:1 distribution is statistically significant at 5% level but not at 1% level). This difference is probably because the expression of the transgene was unstable; for example, in siliques produced late in development, few seeds showed transgene expression.