Table 1.

Comparison of gene expression in the adrenal gland of heterozygous and homozygous Insm1lacZ mutant mice

Gene symbolGene nameFCP
Hormone processing and secretion
Akr1c18 Aldo-keto reductase family 1, member C18−39.70.001
Pnmt * Phenylethanolamine-N-methyltransferase−28.10.001
Th * Tyrosine hydroxylase−6.70.001
Dbh * Dopamine beta hydroxylase−6.90.001
Chga * Chromogranin A−13.30.001
Chgb * Chromogranin B−8.70.001
Scg2 Secretogranin II−4.00.001
Scg3 Secretogranin III−4.10.001
Sgne1 Secretogranin V−4.80.001
Slc18a1 Vesicular monoamine Transporter (VMAT1)−4.20.001
Slc7a8 Cationic amino acid transporter (LAT2)− 4.1 0.001
Transcription factors
Gata2 GATA binding protein 2−3.40.001
Gata3 * GATA binding protein 3−3.40.001
Phox2a * Paired-like homeobox 2a−2.90.001
Phox2b * Paired-like homeobox 2b−1.90.001
Hand2 * Hand2−1.80.001
Mash1 * Achaete-scute complex homolog-like 1 (Ascl 1)2.60.001
Ebf1 Early B-cell factor 1 2.1 0.001
Other factors
Resp18 Regulated endocrine-specific protein 18−10.50.001
Disp2 Dispatched homolog 2−9.20.001
Sez612 Seizure related 6 homolog like 2−4.20.001
Igf1 Insulin-like growth factor 14.50.001
Dkk2 Dickkopf homolog 2 (Xenopus laevis)4.40.001
Nefl * Neurofilament 682.10.001
  • Systematic analysis of gene expression in control and Insm1lacZ/Insm1lacZ mice using Affymetrix oligonucleotide microarrays. The average signal fold change is shown. We selected the following genes for display: (1) genes that are downregulated at least fourfold; (2) genes of known function during chromaffin cell development; (3) genes that were upregulated at least twofold.

    FC, fold change.

  • * Also analyzed by immunohistochemistry or by in situ hybridization.