Table 1.

Suppression of pbl3 mutant mesoderm phenotype

GenotypeEve-positive hemisegmentss.d.n
PblA-HA; pbl3/pbl318.61.798
PblΔBRCT; pbl3/pbl38.34.269
PblDH-PH; pbl3/pbl38.92.9102
PblDH-PH_V531D; pbl3/pbl32.82.2101
PblΔN-term; pbl3/pbl33.32.4123
PblDH; pbl3/pbl32.42.2106
PblΔC-term; pbl3/pbl37.72.988
  • Mean values and standard deviations (s.d.) of the number of Eve-positive hemisegments are shown for pbl3 homozygous embryos expressing Pbl constructs as indicated (n=number of embryos examined). Fig. 2J shows a graph of the relative proportions.