Table 3.

Rac1 promotes rescue of pbl loss of function mutant in a PblΔBRCT overexpression background

GenotypeEve-positive hemisegmentss.d.n
pbl3/pbl3 1.71.7128
PblΔBRCT, pbl3/pbl38.34.269
Rac1; PblΔBRCT, pbl3/pbl311.82.882
  • Mean values and standard deviations (s.d.) of the number of Eve-positive hemisegments are shown for pbl3 homozygous embryos and pbl3 homozygotes expressing wild-type Rac1 protein in the mesoderm using twi::Gal4; (n=number of embryos examined). The number of Eve-positive hemisegments between pbl3 mutant expressing PblΔBRCT and pbl3 mutant embryo expressing PblΔBRCT and Rac1 was significantly different (Student's t-test; P=1.55073E-08).