Table 1.

The 23 Madd mutants recovered in our screen for genes required for muscle arm extension

Complementation groupAlleleLG*Map position*Failed to complementHomologMutation
1 gex-2 tr116 IV<–16 ok1603 Sra1/p140/Cyfip1R420Stop (c5009t)
2 madd-2 § tr64 V
3 tr96
4 tr101
5 tr103
6 tr113
7 tr129
8 unc-33 tr114 IV–5 < +1 e204 Crmp2/Dpysl2R502H (g6504a)
9 unc-40 tr63 I–0.7 < 1.0 n324 Dcc/neogeninIntron 6 splice donor (g4869a)
10 tr115 > –1.7 n324 W1107Stop (g8867a)
11 tr121 –4.5 < 1.0 n324 Exon 8 splice donor/D426N (g5765a)
12 unc-51 tr126 V+19.4 > +25.2 e369 Ulk2I59T (t1240c)
13 unc-54 tr112 ILGI e190 MHC-B/Myh7
14 tr124 LGI e190
15 unc-60B tr125 VLGV su158 Cofilin/ADFG44E (g2241a)
16 tr50 –19.1 < –17.6 su158
17 unc-73 tr117 I–4.5 < 1.0 e936 E1335K (g9486a)
18 unc-93 tr120sd III–7.4 < –2 e1500 UNC-93G388R (g2476a)
19 unc-95 tr61 ILGI su33 UNC-95Intron 1 splice acceptor (g1693a)
20 tr98d I–6.2 < –4.5
21 tr105 I+4 < +23.5
22 tr119 I+1.9 < +4
23 tr123 I–4.8 < –1.6
  • * The linkage group (LG) (i.e. chromosome) and map position are shown. Only the linkage group is shown if mapping did not proceed beyond bulk segregant analysis

  • The allele used in the complementation test is shown

  • The mutant residue is shown followed by the mutant nucleotide in brackets, which is relative to the adenine of the predicted start codon in the genomic sequence (WormBase release 187). For tr117 and tr125, the mutant nucleotides are with respect to F55C7.7b and C38C3.5c.1, respectively. tr63 carries a mutation in the invariant first base of the splice donor of intron 6, which is likely to result in the translation of 11 additional codons within intron 6 before a stop codon is reached, truncating the protein between the second and third IG domains. Similarly, tr121 is mutant in the last nucleotide of exon 8 and may also disrupt splicing (Farrer et al., 2002). For those aberrantly spliced tr121 transcripts, a stop codon is present 99 codons into intron 8, resulting in a predicted truncated protein between the fourth IG domain and the first fibronectin type III domain. For those transcripts without altered splicing, a D426N mutation is created between the fourth IG domain and the first fibronectin type III domain

  • § Details of the six madd-2 alleles isolated in our screen will be presented elsewhere